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import Nam
import ConstProp
import DeadRegs
import Insn
import qualified Data.ByteString.Char8 as B
import qualified Data.Aeson.Types as T
import Data.Aeson.Parser;
import Data.Attoparsec
import Data.Aeson;
import Compiler.Hoopl
import Control.Monad.State.Strict
import System.Environment
import qualified Data.Map as Map
mainLineNam = nam . head . xref
unmonad :: M a -> a
unmonad p = (runSimpleUniqueMonad $ runWithFuel 99999 p)
analyze :: (Graph Insn O O) -> M (Graph Insn O O)
analyze graph = do
(graph,_,_) <- analyzeAndRewriteFwdOx constPropPass graph initFact
return graph
analyzeBwd :: (Graph Insn O O) -> M (Graph Insn O O)
analyzeBwd graph = do
(graph2,_,_) <- analyzeAndRewriteBwdOx deadRegsPass graph deadRegsInitFact
return graph2
putGraph :: Graph Insn e x -> IO ()
putGraph = putStrLn . showGraph ((++ "\n") . show)
parseUnit json = case ((T.parse (parseJSON) json) :: (T.Result Unit)) of
Success unit -> unit
Error msg -> error msg
optimiseXref xref = do
let converted = fst $ unmonad $ evalStateT (convert $ nam xref) ConvertState{uniqueReg=0,letVars=Map.empty}
let graph = (unmonad (analyze converted))
let graph2 = (unmonad (analyzeBwd graph))
putStrLn "\norginal:"
putGraph converted
putStrLn "\nfirst pass:"
putGraph graph
putStrLn "\nsecond pass:"
putGraph graph2
main = do
[filename] <- getArgs
namSource <- (B.readFile filename)
let (Done rest r) = parse json namSource
let parsed = parseUnit r
optimiseXref $ head $ xref parsed
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