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This is an overview of the Niecza ecosystem, which is currently contained entirely inside the repository.


Found mostly in src/, this converts Perl 6 source to C#. See compiler.pod for more details.

Runtime system

This comprises lib/Kernel.cs and lib/Cursor.cs; it is the body of C# primitives necessary for compiler output to function, or that underlie the lowest levels of library functionality.

Core library

lib/SAFE.setting and lib/CORE.setting are used automatically in Perl 6 programs and provide definitions of all Perl 6 functions. They use Niecza extensions fairly heavily, especially inline NAM code and references into the runtime.

Other libraries

lib/*.pm6 currently provides multithreading and a TAP stub. I hope to see more here eventually.

Build system

Niecza.proj is in charge of getting the compiler and libraries into a usable state and running the tests. It is supported by PerlTask.cs and, a Microsoft.Build plugin for running Perl 5 code; not having to load Niecza more than once saves quite a few seconds.


Watch this space.


perf/ contains various scripts and tools used to microbenchmark changes in Niecza. t/ contains a handful of unit tests (unmaintained).

Test suite is the main test suite; all tests in it are expected to pass. and are much smaller and allowed to contain failing tests; I use them as a TDD staging area.

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