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== For STD/Niecza ==
Experiment with techniques to avoid Variable[] allocation on all calls
- like a preallocated "outgoing arguments area"
Experiment with "if non-overriden, then replace method" hooks
Experiment with making P6any: Variable
Avoid calling a function for trivial attribute (or parameter) defaults
Improve isa, somehow.
Reduce redundant Cursor creation for, e.g., { say 2 }
Reduce ContextHelper use in ws, or make it faster.
81537 attr: 14093 RxOp.zyg,
Junctions: $x == any($y,$z) could be optimized to a == that knows it
is dealing with a junction. Once we have staticer types and can say
that $x ~~ Any, then the == knows it has *exactly one* junction and
can statically unroll the correct loop for epic win.
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