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our ($CgOp, $OpCallSub, $OpLexical, $OpCgOp, $OptBeta);
class OptBeta;
# A simple Perl6 compiler generates a lot of expressions of the form
# (-> $x { block })($y), due to control structures and regexes. Try to clean
# that up here.
method make_call($/, $var, *@params) {
my $nonopt = $>$/,
positionals => [ @params ],
invocant => $ => $var));
my @lex = $*CURLEX<!sub>.lookup_lex($var) or return $nonopt;
return $nonopt unless @lex[0] eq 'sub' && @lex[4].is_inlinable;
return $ => [ "_inline", @lex[4], @params ]);
INIT { $OptBeta = OptBeta }
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