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Announce: Niecza Perl 6 v21
This is the twenty-first release of Niecza Perl 6, scheduled on the last
Monday of the month...
You can obtain a build of Niecza from [1]. This build contains a
working compiler as a set of .exe and .dll files suitable for use with
Mono or Microsoft .NET. If you wish to follow latest developments,
you can obtain the source from [2]; however, you still need a
binary for bootstrapping.
Niecza is a Perl 6 compiler project studying questions about the
efficient implementability of Perl 6 features. It currently targets
the Common Language Runtime; both Mono and Microsoft .NET are known to
work. On Windows, Cygwin is required for source builds only; see the
README for details.
List of changes
[Breaking changes]
Conjectural [$foo] syntax has been removed. (Solomon Foster)
Niecza now stores precompiled modules in a per-user directory
(Local Application Data\NieczaModuleCache or $HOME/.local/share/
NieczaModuleCache) instead of obj/ by default, as a first step towards
[Build system]
The makefile now works with BSD cp.
curl is now supported as an alternative to wget.
Parallel make has been fixed.
[Bug fixes]
#142 4 eqv 4.0, shouldn't (Solomon Foster)
#144 Hash.push too restrictive (Solomon Foster)
my @foo := [] was not setting flattening on @foo properly.
Allow space after sign in character classes like <- [foo]>
Fixed once-lazy lists breaking serialization even after reification.
[New features]
Added basic Buf (encode, decode, length).
Added most of Rakudo's INET::Socket::INET, except address queries.
A tiny subset of "use lib" is now supported.
Added callframe(N) form.
Getting involved
Contact sorear in #perl6 or via the sender address of
this mailing. Also check out the TODO file; whether you want to work
on stuff on it, or have cool ideas to add to it, both are good.
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