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From the v6/TODO:
These things were noticed during translation, but to fix them now would
only slow me down...
* sprintf, in particular, the ability to make numbers hex
* hash initialization idioms don't work
* no qw< >
* Any strificatrion/numification warnings would be useful
* no is rw on attributes and methods
* &split
* &callsame
* given/when
* non-$ attributes; and @<foo>
* :$.foo is broken
* eager map optimizations
* return()
* stashes should be accessed as common values
* "Action method ::($name) not implemented", also needs $<sym>
* context accelerators need to robustly handle undefined objects
* .list, item as accelerated contexts
* explicitly imprecise error reporting - lines A-B
* @PROCESS::ARGS ::= [1,2,3]; ok +[ @*ARGS ] == 3 # Bug
* Whatever-currying of prefixes my $x = ~*; say $x() # Whatever()<instance>
Other stuff
* Write a ROADMAP
* Flesh out documentation a lot
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