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* Prepare the release announcement
- Copy docs/announce.vN to docs/announce.vN+1
- Change the text at the top to include a new number and comment
- Fill out the middle list of changes
- Fill out the end priority list
- Update the link at the end
- Commit it and wait for feedback
* Check if the new compiler can compile itself
- make mknext
- cd next
- make test
- make mknext
- cd next
- make test
- make spectest
* Make a new binary package
- make mkpackage # from inside next/
- cd package
- zip -9r ../../ *
- make sure there are no extraneous files in it
* Tag and upload stuff
- git tag -s vN+1
- git push --tags
- upload to github Downloads pane
* Announce it
- send a copy of announce.vN+1 to p6c and p6a
* Post-release
- update FETCH_URL (make sure you don't add a trailing newline)