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class NieczaCompiler;
has $.module_finder;
has $.backend;
has $.stages;
has $.frontend;
has $.verbose;
has $!main-sn = 0;
has $!discount-time = 0;
has %.units;
method !compile(:$unitname, :$filename, :$source, :$main, :$run, :$evalmode, :$outer, :$outer_frame, :$repl) {
# FIXME this is a bit of a fudge
$unitname := 'CORE' if $!frontend.lang eq 'NULL';
# send information to NieczaGrammar for creating the root sub
my $*niecza_outer_ref = $outer;
my $*niecza_outer_frame = $outer_frame;
# useful references
my $*compiler = self;
my $*verbose = $.verbose;
my $*backend = $.backend;
# tells parser not to exit when parse fails
my $*in_repl = $repl;
my @*INC;
my $start = times[0] - $!discount-time;
my $ast = $!frontend.parse(:$unitname, :$filename,
:$source, :$outer, :$main, :$run, :$evalmode, :$repl);
my $time = times[0] - $!discount-time - $start;
if $.verbose {
say "$unitname: took $time";
# don't count this time towards any other timing in progress
$!discount-time += $time;
method compile_module($unitname) {
my ($filename, $source) = $.module_finder.load_module($unitname);
self!compile(:$unitname, :$filename, :$source);
method !main_name() {
my $i = $!main-sn++;
$i ?? "MAIN_$i" !! "MAIN";
method compile_file($file, $run) {
my ($filename, $source) = $.module_finder.load_file($file);
self!compile(unitname => self!main_name, :$filename, :$source, :main, :$run);
method compile_string($source, $run, :$evalmode = False, :$outer, :$repl, :$outer_frame) {
self!compile(unitname => self!main_name, filename => "(eval)", :$source,
:main, :$run, :$evalmode, :$outer, :$outer_frame, :$repl);
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