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Niecza: Where we are and where we're going
This file is loosely modelled on "ROADMAP" from Rakudo. However, that
name sucks; a ROADMAP is strictly a spatial thing, and this is more of
a temporal one.
What we have
Data model: Containers are available for r/w parameter aliasing. Most
of the basic types are available, including Num, Str, Bool, Array,
Hash, Sub, Regex, Cursor, Any, Mu, etc.
The underlying infrastructure for active containers exists, but nothing
like tie() is available at this time. Lazy autovivification per S09 is
supported, but using a Rakudo-like Any!Any::butWHENCE API.
Int, Complex, Rat etc are *not* available at this time. All numbers
are forced to floating point representation.
Control model: Coroutine control flow (gather / take) is supported.
Control exceptions are available, and support lexotic and dynamic
operation, although it is not possible to name loops at this time.
Dynamically scoped dispatcher control is available via nextwith;
callwith is not yet available. There is no multiple dispatch.
Type system: Nominal type checking for arguments and containers is
available. Type checking is based on superclasses only; runtime role
checking is not available. Role definitions are possible but can
only be used for infix:<but> mixins; compile time composition is not
available. Roles can only be mixed in to type objects. Roles may be
parameterized using arbitrary objects, but caching is only available
for string parameters. C3 MRO generation is implemented and done at
compile time.
Operations: Primitive operations on numbers and strings (such as +,
substr, etc) are available, but many holes exist in more complicated
things, such as trans.
Regexes: Very solid support; probably most complete of any current
compiler. Ratchet mode, grammars, :lang, embedded blocks, check
blocks, cut operators, cross-rule cut operators, quantifiers
including ~ setting $*GOAL, :dba, automaton-based LTM, variables,
capture operators, :i on literals, etc.
Notable missing features include <.SUPER::name> and <&name>.
Syntax: Based on STD.pm6 as compiled by viv, so should be pretty solid.
Unimplemented rules will give an error message.
Odds and ends: A JSYNC loader/saver was created
Future directions
* Finish getting STD up and running
- STD already compiles but doesn't pass 96% of roast yet
- If nothing else, this is a good stress test
* Solve the &eval problem
- This is a tricky one. We need to somehow make the compiler
available at runtime, which means rewriting it off Perl 5. I see
three options:
- Perl 6. Pro: Cool. Con: Slow to compile, slow to run.
- C#. Pro: Fast to compile and run. Con: Limits portability.
- Custom language. Pro: Portable and fastish. Con: Hard, and NQPlike.
* Start passing lots of roast tests
* World domination
Tasks from lhf.txt do not fit into the timeline and can be done by anyone
when tuits permit.
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