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All timings with Mono JIT compiler version 2.9 (master/78b8d38 Mon Nov 8 15:56:55 PST 2010)
SGen not tested as neither stores of references nor allocation is involved
runloop 0: delegates
mono 13.593 ns (10^9 iter)
mono LLVM 12.081 ns (10^9 iter; -0.100s baseline)
runloop 1: virtual functions
mono 11.405 ns (10^9)
mono LLVM 10.069 ns (10^9; -0.100s baseline)
runloop 2: ldftn / calli
mono 715.200 ns (10^7)
mono LLVM 718.000 ns (10^7)
runloop 3: delegates + tail call
runloop 4: callvirt + tail call
runloop 5: ldftn / calli + tail call
All of these blow the stack; I seem to have my tailcall handling wrong
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