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sorear committed Dec 27, 2010
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@@ -6,15 +6,15 @@ of you like big projects.
* Generally speaking, the setting is very incomplete. Patches to add
methods or subs to the setting, with tests, are welcome.
- Series operators, stuff like that.
- - split, trans; a lot of basic Str/Num operators are missing
+ - chop, trans, etc; a lot of basic Str/Num operators are missing
- Beware - multiple dispatch is NYI!
* Control structures still have a lot of unimplemented cases. loop
should be pretty straightforward, for instance.
* In particular, I/O is sorely lacking.
- - open/read/write/close
+ - open for writing; close
- dir
- IO::Socket
- Buf stuff
@@ -28,8 +28,18 @@ of you like big projects.
* If you have Microsoft .NET, I'd like Niecza to work out of the box.
That means a little bit of logic to probe for it, and then adapting
- CompilerDriver to invoke csc instead of gmcs. Also niecza_eval
- should run .exe files directly instead of "mono foo.exe".
+ niecza_eval to run .exe files directly instead of "mono foo.exe".
+ diakopter took a crack at this and failed; his results:
+ - Microsoft .NET 2.0 lacks HashSet, so you need to change ToolsVersion
+ to 4.0 or copy in HashSet.
+ - MSBuild doesn't like periods in rule names; rename them.
+ - There's something wrong with the generated code which causes
+ InvalidProgramExceptions to be thrown, although mono
+ --security=verifiable has no problem with it.
* Junctions should work. You'll need to add some slightly tricky code
on the slow path of nominal type checks. You will also need to fix

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