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[cl-backend] implement if and remove logging

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1 parent 980c94d commit 1829f46a5ad1cc69cbe84f1817e51cc916e64db5 @pmurias pmurias committed Feb 7, 2011
Showing with 10 additions and 18 deletions.
  1. +10 −18 cl-backend/backend.lisp
28 cl-backend/backend.lisp
@@ -3,23 +3,9 @@
(ql:quickload "cl-json")
(ql:quickload "fare-matcher")
-; Logging - not sure we need it
-(ql:quickload "cl-log")
-(setf (log-manager) (make-instance 'log-manager :message-class 'formatted-message))
-(start-messenger 'text-file-messenger :filename "cl-backend.log")
-(log-message :info "cl-backend started")
-(defun nam-op-log (name result) "Log what an nam op gets transformed into" (log-message :info (format nil "~a => ~w" name (strip-ann result))) result)
; Macros
-(defmacro nam-op (name params &body body) `(defmacro ,(concat-symbol 'nam- name) ,params (nam-op-log ',name (progn ,@body))))
+(defmacro nam-op (name params &body body) `(defmacro ,(concat-symbol 'nam- name) ,params ,@body))
(defun concat-symbol (a b) (intern (concatenate 'string (string a) (string b))))
@@ -148,7 +134,6 @@
) (when (equal kind "normal")))
`(defmethod ,(intern name) (invocant &rest rest) (apply ',(xref-to-subsymbol body) invocant rest)))))
-;(trace define-nam-class)
@@ -197,14 +182,20 @@
(cons (list (intern (car vars)) (cadr vars)) (to-let-vars (cddr vars)))
(nam-op letn (&body vars-and-body)
- `(let ,(to-let-vars (butlast vars-and-body)) ,(first (last vars-and-body))))
+ `(let ,(to-let-vars (butlast vars-and-body)) ,@(last vars-and-body)))
; ???
(defun nam-subcall (dunno-what-that-is thing &rest args) (apply thing args))
(nam-op methodcall (method-name dunno invocant &rest args)
`(,(intern (cadr method-name)) ,@args))
+(defun nam-obj_getbool (obj) (if (numberp obj) (not (equal obj 0)) t))
+(nam-op ternary (cond if then) `(if ,cond ,if ,then))
+(defun nam-null (type) nil)
(nam-op corelex (var) `(nam-scopedlex ,var))
@@ -278,14 +269,15 @@
`(let ((|&infix:<~>| #'p6-concat)
(|&say| #'p6-say)
(|Nil| "") ; HACK
+ (|Any| "") ; HACK
,@compiled-unit (,(main-xref 0))))
(let ((compiled-unit (compile-unit (json:decode-json (open (first *args*))))))
;(format t "~w~%~%~%" (json:decode-json (open (first *args*))))
;(format t "~w~%~%~%" compiled-unit)
- (format t "--------~%~%~w~%~%~%" (strip-ann compiled-unit))
+ ;(format t "--------~%~%~w~%~%~%" (strip-ann compiled-unit))
(let ((wrapped (wrap-for-eval compiled-unit)))
(eval wrapped)

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