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Auto-compile setting on make to end p6eval timeouts

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1 parent a938d4c commit 1b13b31840f3eed87489f8d98d54d1915ddc3387 @sorear committed Feb 18, 2011
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@@ -17,9 +17,12 @@ srcunits=CClass Body Unit CgOp Op OpHelpers Sig RxOp NAME Stash STD \
NieczaPathSearch NieczaBackendNAM NieczaBackendDotnet \
NieczaBackendClisp NieczaCompiler GetOptLong
-all: run/Niecza.exe obj/Kernel.dll obj/CLRBackend.exe
+all: run/Niecza.exe obj/Kernel.dll obj/CORE.nam obj/CLRBackend.exe
git describe --tags > VERSION
+obj/CORE.nam: run/Niecza.exe obj/CLRBackend.exe lib/SAFE.setting lib/CORE.setting
+ $(RUN_CLR) run/Niecza.exe -C CORE
run/Niecza.exe: .fetch-stamp $(patsubst %,src/%.pm6,$(srcunits)) src/niecza
cd src && $(RUN_CLR) ../boot/run/Niecza.exe -v -c -Bnam niecza
for nfile in $(libunits) $(srcunits); do \

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