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Update mkpackage for new run/Run.Kernel.dll file setup

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sorear committed Aug 23, 2012
1 parent 9fad9f7 commit 55e895a8324b60b8b7be5f9eaab71b5b714d2312
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@@ -92,12 +92,11 @@ clean:
# uses the current niecza to set up a build area for the next stage
rm -rf package/
- mkdir package/ package/run/ package/lib/ package/obj/
+ mkdir package/ package/run/ package/lib/
cp -a docs README.pod LICENSE package/
cp -a run/Niecza.exe run/Niecza.ser run/Kernel.dll \
- run/CompilerBlob.dll package/run/
+ run/CompilerBlob.dll run/Run.Kernel.dll package/run/
cp lib/*.pm6 lib/*.setting package/lib/
- cp obj/Run.Kernel.dll package/obj/
mknext: run/Niecza.exe obj/Run.Kernel.dll obj/Kernel.dll
rm -rf next/

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