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sorear committed Dec 24, 2010
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-"Low" hanging fruit - stuff that doesn't fit into a specific
+"Low hanging fruit" - stuff that doesn't fit into a specific
point in the timeline, and anybody can pick up whenever they
feel like it. Not all of it is necessarily easy; I know some
of you like big projects.
@@ -43,14 +43,9 @@ of you like big projects.
* Parallel hyperops! Read the Cilk papers, they seem to have a data
parallelism model most similar to what Perl 6 needs.
-* Non-CLR backends would be great. I haven't completely made up my
- mind how these should work, so you'll have design work to do. In
- particular, a portable method for initializing metaobject trees
- needs to be created.
+* Non-CLR backends would be great. There will probably be some changes
+ needed first, but in general the CLR dependencies are all in .cs
+ files.
* Niecza is probably the ideal platform for prototyping a concurrency
system which will whirlpool back into the synopses.
-* The builtin function optimization should be extended to cover most of
- the basic operations; &char, &infix:<+>, that kind of stuff. No need
- to handle &gethostbyname as a builtin though.

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