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@@ -12,15 +12,34 @@ EASY
Add the 'loop' statement. Should be very straightforward.
+ Give labels methods to invoke control operations.
+ Implement Sub.leave and CallFrame.leave
Add decimal literals. (Don't try to implement your own floating point
radix converter; use +$str)
Add more benchmarks to perf/.
+ Character class expressions like [[a .. A] & [\W]]
+ ::> cut syntax.
Binding to values like @PROCESS::ARGS doesn't contextualize correctly. Fix.
+ Fudge and run your favorite spectest file.
+ Implement your favorite ?-vars.
+ Finish the set of Num operators, includig number-theoretic and
+ transcedental functions.
+ *Implement &?BLOCK and &?ROUTINE.
+ Break down Sub into a hierarchy Code->Block->Routine->Sub->Method.
Implement buffer types and binary I/O.
Implement a general socket API.
@@ -45,11 +64,16 @@ MEDIUM
+*A general procedure for communicating data up and down the meta-spiral.
Use this to make a very simple eval knockoff.
+ + Run MAIN without a temporary file (needed for eval knockoff).
Design and implement some sort of NFG thing that allows use codes, graphs,
etc and handles canonical equivalence in regexes.
+ Determine the best way to map Perl6 process-think onto Windows/.NET
+ process think. Then implement &run, &runinstead, and &rungather.
+ Replace nam with something that doesn't use as much memory. (Talk to
pmurias to get his experiences.)
@@ -88,12 +112,22 @@ HARD
Study Nil and find the correct way to integrate it into Niecza.
+ Add a JVM backend.
+ Add a Parrot backend.
- *A multicore job scheduler would be cool. You'll need to talk with
+ A multicore job scheduler would be cool. You'll need to talk with
TimToady on dependency extraction; there are some subtle points with
modules that export slangs.
*Figure out how eval can possibly work. Do it.
*Figure out how BEGIN can possibly work. Do it.
+ Native type support.
+ SIMD hyperoperators.
+ Export Perl 6 code into a CLR .dll

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