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[cl-backend] port over unit definition from doc/nam.pod

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commit a7f0672dd06e5536088d6db53e9f17a4a1a0d7b6 1 parent 786a885
@pmurias pmurias authored
Showing with 14 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +14 −1 cl-backend/backend.lisp
15 cl-backend/backend.lisp
@@ -171,9 +171,22 @@
) (when (equal class "class"))) (list 'nam-class name attributes methods))))
(defun compile-unit (nam)
(fare-matcher:match nam
- ((list mainline-xref name log setting bottom-ref filename modtime x-ref t-deps root-stash) (loop for sub in x-ref for i upfrom 0 collect (compile-sub i sub)))))
+ ((list
+ mainline_ref ; Xref to mainline subroutine
+ name ; Unit's unique name
+ log ; Mostly unused vestige of last stash system
+ setting ; Name of setting unit or null
+ bottom_ref ; Xref to sub containing {YOU_ARE_HERE}, or null
+ filename ; Filename of source code or null
+ modtime ; Seconds since 1970-01-01
+ xref ; Resolves refs from other units
+ tdeps ; Holds dependency data for recompilation
+ stash_root ; Trie holding classes and global variables
+ ) (loop for sub in xref for i upfrom 0 collect (compile-sub i sub)))))
(defun print-thing (thing) (format t "~A" (FETCH thing)))
(defun p6-say (&rest things) (mapcar #'print-thing things) (format t "~%"))

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