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+we need to add:
+* Threads need to be better supported. So realize each thread as a
+ ThreadContext object (with corresponding Thread instance, moved to
+ the setting) created when the LastFrameNode stack is. ThreadContext
+ should probably own the LastFrameNode stack.
+* StatementList children need to use stmt NN rather than ann NN, to
+ produce the correct sequence points.
+* Add a debug event queue, which is an object pipe getting events
+* Breakpoint operator: makes a condvar, signals a debug event, waits
+ for clearance to continue.
+* More inspection and setting operators on Frame, SubInfo, etc. We
+ especially want &wrap and a facility for on-stack replacement.
+* New debug runloop (can be enabled/disabled from code), features:
+ + Signal breakpoint after N trampoline bounces
+ + Run either normal code or code instrumented to turn stmt into a
+ return-to-runloop
+ + Per-thread breakpoint position list - break at (sub, seqpt)
+ + Asynchronous stopping
+* Watchpointing: Tie _any_ variable (Not sure if this can work
+ performantly in the C# impl; tying the "RO vars" will be
+ C#-specific in any case)
+* a Niecza/DebugInterface.pm6 module to expose all this. Perhaps,
+ have Niecza::Thread in the setting and re-export it as Thread in
+ Threads.pm6.
+* Add a pretty GUI or curses debugger :)

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