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[cl-backend] handle arguments to subs

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commit c12c68161f3d1337024a9a582021e0e836e703af 1 parent 0c99b29
@pmurias pmurias authored
Showing with 18 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +18 −3 cl-backend/backend.lisp
21 cl-backend/backend.lisp
@@ -74,6 +74,17 @@
(defmethod |FETCH| (thing) thing)
+(defun compile-param (param)
+ (fare-matcher:match param
+ ((list
+ name ; For binding error messages
+ flags ; See doc/nam.pod
+ slot ; Name of lexical to accept value
+ names ; All legal named-parameter names
+ default ; Xref Sub to call if HAS_DEFAULT; must be child of this
+ ) (intern slot))))
(defmacro define-nam-sub
@@ -97,7 +108,7 @@
nam ; See description of opcodes earlier
- `(defun ,(main-xref i) () (let ,(lexicals-to-let lexicals) ,@nam)))
+ `(defun ,(main-xref i) ,(mapcar #'compile-param signature) (let ,(lexicals-to-let lexicals) ,@nam)))
@@ -141,12 +152,16 @@
(defun lexical-to-let (lexical)
(fare-matcher:match lexical
((and (list var sub dunno-1 id dunno-2) (when (equal sub "sub"))) (list (intern var) `(symbol-function ',(main-xref id))))
- ((and (list var simple dunno) (when (equal simple "simple"))) (list (intern var) (make-scalar "")))
+ ((and (list var simple flags) (when (equal simple "simple")))
+ (if (equal flags 4)
+ nil
+ (list (intern var) (make-scalar ""))))
((and (list* var stash path) (when (equal stash "stash")))
(list (intern var) `(get-stash ,path)))))
; converts a list of lexicals
-(defun lexicals-to-let (lexicals) (mapcar #'lexical-to-let lexicals))
+(defun lexicals-to-let (lexicals) (remove-if #'null (mapcar #'lexical-to-let lexicals)))
(nam-op ann (filename line op) op)
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