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Notes on four kinds of module scope

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using System;
+// Here in Niecza we have four different kinds of unit scopes:
+// * COMPILING::UNIT, aka RuntimeUnit: one of these exists for every
+// call into the compiler, whether eval or module. The REPL will
+// be considered as if it were eval.
+// * Serialization scopes, which are created when compiling modules
+// or when pre-compiling a main program. During execution there is
+// no current serialization scope; evals inherit the serialization
+// scope or lack thereof that was in effect.
+// * Assembly scopes, which are an artifact of the CLR and almost align
+// with precompilation scopes, except that they have to exist always
+// because methods cannot be created free-floating in CLR 2.x.
+// An assembly scope is created for all serialization scopes, and
+// non-saved anonymous assemblies are created for eval-and-run of
+// a file and non-BEGIN-time evals.
+// * GLOBAL scope is very much like serialization scope except that there
+// is a "true globals" scope that is used when not serializing.
// This implements "bounded serialization" for Niecza. Unfortunately
// the CLR's builtin serialization can't efficiently be made bounded,
// and anyway it would be nice if the serialization format could be

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