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sorear committed Dec 28, 2010
1 parent 25d6c5c commit 710b329a697bb84d31908977b8dcc14b7d18a9e4
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@@ -5,6 +5,13 @@ retroactively as v0, this is another announcement, to be known as v1.
Further announcements will occur at intervals on the last Monday of
each month.
+You have my assurance that the 'v1' tag, available at [1], passes all
+of the current tests and has a bunch of cool features. What you will
+not necessarily have is an easy time installing it; Niecza depends on
+several non-pure-Perl modules from CPAN, which you'll need to set up
+in order to be able to use Niecza. I recommend trying cpanminus
Niecza is a Perl 6 compiler project studying questions about the
efficient implementability of Perl 6 features. It currently targets
the Common Language Runtime in the form of Mono.
@@ -24,8 +31,6 @@ the Common Language Runtime in the form of Mono.
* The included JSYNC interface can now save subclasses of Hash.
-* &print is now available.
* use v6; is now recognized and ignored.
* --gen-app is no longer available; it was deeply tied to the C# use.
@@ -35,15 +40,24 @@ the Common Language Runtime in the form of Mono.
* Regex matches now set $/.
+* New methods: Cool: split, index, rindex, lines, split, comb improved
+* New operators: &&=, ||=, //=, andthen=
+* New top-level functions: open, print. say returns True on success
+ per spec.
+* pmurias added &skip to Test and fixed escaping of debug clauses.
+* New keywords supported: INIT, require, submethod
* Exceptions now propagate out of inner loop contexts correctly (e.g.
if a Str overload dies when an object is stringified)
* Array and hash slices are now supported.
* Relative array indexing (@foo[*-1]) is now supported.
-* INIT blocks are now supported.
* In stack traces, method names now include the class.
* 'augment' now takes effect at INIT time, not BEGIN. This allows
@@ -52,7 +66,9 @@ the Common Language Runtime in the form of Mono.
* Bootstrap code is now properly distributed between modules, rather
than having all of it bloat MAIN.exe.
-* require declarations are now supported.
+* @*ARGS works properly with compile-and-run mode.
+* Attribute default values are implemented.
* Minor optimizations have been done on: storage of boxed values,
autovivification, postcircumfix operators, contextual conversions,

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