substr is operating on 2-byte words, not UTF-16 code points #140

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masak commented Jul 25, 2012
<dalek> roast: 42450a0 | (Solomon Foster)++ | S32-str/substr.t:
<dalek> roast: Add substr tests which will throw UTF-16 implementations which are acting like UCS-2.
<dalek> roast: review:
<colomon> masak: I'm still in north ontario, can you subject the niecza bug those new tests show?
<masak> colomon: in what way do they fail?
<colomon> masak: it looks like substr is operating on 2-byte words rather than UTF-16 code points.
<GlitchMr> perl6: print "\x10000".chars
<p6eval> rakudo 4fe23e: OUTPUT«1»
<p6eval> ..niecza v19-13-g442e075: OUTPUT«2»
<colomon> I'm on satellite internet from the middle of nowhere, and I need to get out fishing...
<masak> colomon: I'll submit the issue for you.
* masak submits nieczue
<colomon> masak++
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