Kannada digit gives LTA error message when used as number #145

masak opened this Issue Aug 19, 2012 · 2 comments

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<sorear> n: ೨
<p6eval> niecza v19-26-g025a6e6: OUTPUT«Unhandled exception: Digit <೨> too large for radix 10 [...]
<sorear> I thought that would break :>
<masak> ೨ isn't so large... :P
<sorear> it's probably doing something like ord($_) - 48
* masak submits nieczaissue
<sorear> :D
<sorear> .u ೨
<phenny> U+0CE8 KANNADA DIGIT TWO (೨)

What's the matter with digit too large for radix 10? What error message do you think it should give?


I don't know what message it should give, but the message it gives is wrong, because the value of the digit ೨ is 2.

Probably Niecza should just say that it doesn't do non-ASCII digits. Or something.

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