Nil doesn't collapse often enough #152

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masak commented Sep 24, 2012

<moritz> nr: say +(Nil, )
<p6eval> niecza v21-30-g5626cc3: OUTPUT«1␤»
<p6eval> ..rakudo 7d6aa0: OUTPUT«0␤»
* moritz wonders what masak will make of that
<masak> a witch!
<masak> I mean, a bug!
<masak> moritz: fwiw, I can't imagine what Niecza thinks is the element there.
<moritz> masak: Nil :-)
<masak> but isn't that just a case where it should collapse?
<moritz> IMHO yes
<masak> n: say (Nil, )[0]
<p6eval> niecza v21-30-g5626cc3: OUTPUT«Nil␤»
* masak submits nieczissue
<moritz> nr: say (Nil, Nil, Nil).perl
<p6eval> rakudo 7d6aa0, niecza v21-30-g5626cc3: OUTPUT«(Nil, Nil, Nil)␤»
<moritz> nr: say (Nil xx 3).perl
<p6eval> rakudo 7d6aa0, niecza v21-30-g5626cc3: OUTPUT«().list␤»
<masak> huh.
<moritz> well, rakudo is consistent.
<moritz> nr: say (Nil xx 3).elems
<p6eval> niecza v21-30-g5626cc3: OUTPUT«3␤»
<p6eval> ..rakudo 7d6aa0: OUTPUT«0␤»
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