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@var parameters do not check for Positional #50

masak opened this Issue Sep 13, 2011 · 1 comment

2 participants

masak commented Sep 13, 2011
<masak> perl6: sub foo(:@a) { say @a[0]; say "alive" }; foo(:a["bar"])
<p6eval> pugs, rakudo d97997, niecza v9-23-g1a8efca: OUTPUT«bar␤alive␤»
<masak> perl6: sub foo(:@a) { say @a[0]; say "alive" }; foo(:a("bar"))
<p6eval> rakudo d97997: OUTPUT«Nominal type check failed for parameter '@a';
               expected Positional but got Str instead␤  in sub foo  [...]
<p6eval> ..niecza v9-23-g1a8efca: OUTPUT«(timeout)»
<p6eval> ..pugs: OUTPUT«bar␤alive␤»
<masak> sorear: ^^
* masak submits nieczabug

There are two problems here: the timeout due to an infinite loop in the vicinity of @a[0], and the fact that the parameter is accepted at all -- I think it should typefail like Rakudo does.

sorear commented Sep 14, 2011

The major bug is now fixed. Typechecking is still needed though, which probably requires better role handling.

@sorear sorear closed this in c8eeefc Jan 5, 2012
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