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saiph - [Stupid|Silly|Smart|Superior]* AI Playing netHack.
* use a descriptive word beginning with "S".
The project is MIT licensed.
Fetch code:
Given that you're reading this document there's a fair chance you've already
downloaded the code, but nevertheless, fetch it with Git here:
git clone git://
Alternative mirror:
git clone
Keeping your repo updated:
You should pull regularly with this command:
git pull canidae master
Replace "canidae" if you used another name for that repo.
Building & running:
If you are running on a public server, you will need to create a file named
".account" in the directory where you run saiph; it must have three lines,
consisting of the host name, the dgamelaunch user name, and the password,
like so:
Furthermore, you will need to pass the -t option to saiph to run on a public
Connecting to non-dgamelaunch-based servers, such as the ones that run the
/dev/null tournament, will not work. Patches welcome.
You'll also need a terminal that's capable of displaying at least 160x50
Then build & start the bot:
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
People who are working on or have contributed to saiph:
Vidar Wahlberg <>, aka. canidae
Stefan O'Rear <>, aka. sorear
Ryan Karl <>, aka. rawrmage
Patric Mueller <>, aka. bhaak
Adrien Panhaleux <>, aka. DainDwarf
Kenny Root <>, aka. kroot
Jeffrey Bosboom <>, aka. DrSunglasses