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TODO list for rawrmage
- Shopping! - far goal
- Why is there an armor drop and pickup loop between Burdened and Stressed?
- You can't take off your gloves when a weapon is welded to your hand.
- Various loops with nymphs - why?
- From what I've observed it looks like we want to move away from nymphs,
but we instantly forget this and move back, causing oscillation.
X We can't kick with wounded legs - thought we'd already fixed this, but
this was observed in Sokoban.
- fixed, we didn't make the necessary check
- Adopt a more "defensive" combat strategy.
- Are we walking into vault teleporters? Why?
- Don't go up stairs when stressed, don't try.
- Saiph desperately needs to manage inventory better as a whole.
- She currently likes to hoard tons of stuff and not want to get rid of it.
Perhaps this is because we have "I want to pick this up to evaluate it"
acting the same as "I don't want to drop this." Code is there to
differentiate between the two in Armor, at least, but we shouldn't have
to explicitly add that to every analyzer. An event which is the
counterpart of WantItems for asking an analyzer "What are you willing to
get rid of?" and changing the behavior of wantItems to only govern
pickup is one way of limiting this.
- To determine what an Analyzer is willing to drop we need to have more
precise weight management, as well as some sort of algorithm for every
analyzer to score items.
- (yes, I know this has been discussed to death already. sorry for keeping
on this.)
- Documentation:
- A "Guide to Saiph" would be nice
- How does she work? What are Analyzers, Actions, Events?
- Where are good places to look to familiarize yourself?
- Formalize TODOs in LP bug reports/blueprints
- Go through files and attempt to comment