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Many of these are half-baked ideas, to be investigated as much as implemented.
* Generalize pathfinding to generate arbitrary commands, not just directions.
* Another good idea, tying in to item actions, is a tactical analyzer (to borrow a 523 term) that paths across water by fetching levitation boots. I think the best way would be to accumulate water tiles in a queue and process them all (with triangle-inequality estimated distances) when a levitation item is determined to be reachable.
* When Loot is interpreted as "having items just in case", a sensible implementation of bag use starts to suggest itself.
* Can bagging of gold be handled without redoing Loot?
* Don't melee nymphs, E when next to nymphs
* Kiting
* Figure out why saiphs rarely eat elves, fix it
* Try to track nutrition better, so we know when we can eat eyes
* A TAEB-like item possibilities tracker?
* Make a branch to experiment with "item actions": Analyzers can say not just "go to a point and do something", but also "get an item and do something". This simplifies Loot's job quite a bit, as it will only have to deal with items that some analyzer wants to keep in inventory "just in case", like unihorns.
* Situation patch stuff
* Control flags like immortality_on
* Levels: traps, hard_floor, no_monster_gen, knowledge maps.
* Character: set spells.
* Handle inventory full conditions without looping. If rawrmage won't, also handle Overloaded.
* don't go up stairs Stressed, or walk around Stressed in general
* Look into implementing shopping
- Xiella reports that pickaxe repickup malfunctions in Minetown
* Try to avoid backtracking to beatify a single elven leather helm or dagger or whatever
* Since saiph likes teleportation so much, she should kill tengu
* Loot boxes
* Dispose of trolls
* sorph ate a mimic in a shop, probably because it was mimicing stairs down and overwrote SHOP_TILE
- the right fix here is to make an in_shop bitfield, because it's not mutually exclusive with anything
* death ray mitigation strategies
- buy and MR-test all cloaks
- finish Sokoban
- buy and strategically use magic lamps
- fountain dipping!
* Don't visit ad aerarium closets unless we can teleport or dig.
* Flesh out "Roamer" ideas
* Experiment with a lastChance() / Saiph::canDig() way to handle digging and levitating over water.
* canidae has talked about merging Armor and Weapon
* Queue:
- PoGL / wraith corpse improvements
* 4/20 night results:
- When there are E-ignoring monsters around, a good way to heal is to run away
- Do not drop items which are (being w (drop_armor_bug)
- We should not be pathing over magic portals to get to points on the same level
* 4/25:
- Cursed weapon prevents gloves
* When we detect a sokoban level, push_back Coordinates for the two scrolls of earth, then some logic to
1. pick up and #name earth any scrolls on those squares
2. remove them from the set if empty or scrolls gone
3. want scrolls of earth in soko
* we could do with an event for "no items on square", including triggering on stash removal
* GrayStone analyzer
* when we see a gray stone, mark the square in a set
* try to kick gray stones
* on actionCompleted, mark the corresponding target as _nonloadstone_square (target must be reachable through explored squares and devoid of gray stones already)
* unless Thump!, then mark as _loadstone_square and don't look at it again
* refuse pickup of unID grey stones unless on _nonloadstone_square
* AutoName analyzer
* If lamp, flute, horn, conical hat, bag, candle, whistle, harp, [most gems, gray stones], then re-call foo $i++
* If gray stone (N), flavored helm, flavored amulet, then arti-name; if slipped, recall (A), else if (B), recall (B), else disable artinaming for that item flavor
* grey stones which are not luckstones after AutoName are unluckstones and worthless