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WGamemode 2

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This is a plugin for the Spigot MC server (1.8+) that allows server admins to set automatic gamemode rules for WorldGuard regions.

When a player enters a WGamemode-managed region, their gamemode will be automatically updated to the region's set gamemode, and when they leave, they will return to their original gamemode.

This is a rewritten implementation of the WGamemode plugin written by Sinnoh, who appears to have left the MC scene in 2012.

Licensed under the LGPLv3 (or any later version.) See LICENSE.txt for more information.


This plugin requires that you install WorldEdit 6+ and WorldGuard 6.1+ on your server.
The only supported MC server is Spigot 1.8+. Tested with 1.8.8 only, though it should work with earlier 1.8 versions too.

Warning: Adding multiple regions that overlap may result in undesired/undefined behavior. Do not add a region that overlaps another added region.


You don't have to manually configure any settings in the plugin's config.yml file, but you can if you want.

This plugin has three settings:

  • regions: This is an associative array of WorldGuard regions that WGamemode should manage. The key is the region name, and the value is the gamemode that region should have.

    For example:

      townsquare: "adventure"
      cathedral: "creative"
  • stopItemDrop: Boolean (true/false). If true, prevents item drops in WGamemode-managed regions. Default is false.

  • announceGamemodeChange: Boolean (true/false). The plugin will tell players when they are entering or exiting a WGamemode-managed region. Default is true.

An example is provided here. That same example is also automatically generated in your server's plugins directory when the plugin is run for the first time.


WGamemode has two in-game commands that do what you expect:

Command Permission Description
/wgadd [region] [gamemode] wgamemode.add Adds a region to WGamemode's region list.
/wgremove [region] wgamemode.remove Removes a region from WGamemode's region list.

Building from source

To build this plugin from source, you'll need to install JDK 7+ and Maven 3.0+.

WGamemode uses the standard Maven lifecycle commands.

To compile:

$ mvn compile

To build a JAR (for use with Spigot):

$ mvn package

Your JAR file will be in the target directory.


WGamemode updated for Spigot 1.8+ and WorldGuard 6








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