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This FIM2010 R2 Codeless Provisioning Framework called Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM) Metaverse Rules Extension (hereafter MRE) is a standalone extension that allows for administrators to create advanced provisioning and deprovisioning [rules] for FIM without writing a single line of code.

The use of MRE can of course be combined with Declarative Provisioning using Synchronization Rules (SR's) in FIM 2010. Sometimes, you may just need to provision some object between a few MA's without the need for these objects to go to the FIM Service to have a Synchronization Rule (SR) applied and that is where the MRE comes in handy.

By creating an XML document using a text or XML editor, FIM administrators are able to build, change or remove provisioning and deprovisioning [rules] in FIM without recompiling. Basically, MRE enables codeless provisioning in FIM and acts as a replacement or a supplement for Synchronization Rules (SR's) in FIM.

To learn more, please see Wiki.

Enjoy, Søren Granfeldt

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