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(require 'cl)
(when (null (ignore-errors (require 'ert)))
(defmacro* ert-deftest (name () &body docstring-keys-and-body)
(message "Skipping tests, ERT is not available"))))
(defconst testing-destination-dir "/tmp/emacs.d.testing")
(ert-deftest el-get-installation-test ()
(let ((el-get-default-process-sync 'wait)
(user-emacs-directory testing-destination-dir)
(el-get-dir (concat (file-name-as-directory user-emacs-directory)
(concat (file-name-as-directory el-get-dir) ".status.el")))
(make-directory el-get-dir t)
;; Extract the instructions directly from the documentation
(insert-file-contents "../README.asciidoc")
(goto-char (point-min))
(search-forward-regexp "^-\\{9,\\}
(let ((install-string (match-string 1)))
(should install-string)
(message "evaluating %s" install-string)
(should (eval (read (match-string 1)))))))
(should (featurep 'el-get))
;; (should (el-get-compiled))
(should-not el-get-outdated-autoloads))
(ert-deftest el-get-recipe-dirs-test ()
(require 'el-get)
(let ((el-get-recipe-path
,(let ((f "/foo"))
(while (file-exists-p f)
(setq f (concat f f))) f))))
(should (equal (el-get-recipe-dirs)
(loop for f in el-get-recipe-path
when (file-exists-p f)
collect f)))))
(ert-deftest el-get-trivial-install-test ()
(require 'el-get)
(let* ((pkg 'el-get-trivial-install-test)
(pkg-name (symbol-name pkg))
(pkg-file (concat pkg-name ".el"))
(pkg-source (concat "/tmp/" pkg-file))
(user-emacs-directory testing-destination-dir)
(el-get-dir (concat (file-name-as-directory user-emacs-directory)
(concat (file-name-as-directory el-get-dir) ".status.el"))
(pkg-destination-dir (mapconcat
(list user-emacs-directory "el-get" pkg-name)
(pkg-destination (concat pkg-destination-dir pkg-file))
(el-get-sources `((:name ,pkg
:features (,pkg)
:type http
:url ,(concat "file://" pkg-source))))
(el-get-packages (mapcar 'el-get-source-name el-get-sources)))
(make-directory el-get-dir t)
(message "Checking %s is not loaded" pkg)
(should-not (featurep pkg))
(message "Creating %s package file in %s" pkg pkg-source)
(with-temp-file pkg-source
(insert (format "(defun %s-empty ())\n(provide '%s)\n" pkg pkg)))
(message "Verifying package file %s" pkg-source)
(should (file-exists-p pkg-source))
;; and it's not empty
(should-not (zerop (nth 7 (file-attributes pkg-source))))
(message "Installing %s" pkg)
(should (progn
(el-get 'sync el-get-packages)
(message "Verifying installed package file %s" pkg-destination)
(should (file-exists-p pkg-destination))
(should-not (zerop (nth 7 (file-attributes pkg-destination))))
(message "Verifying package %s was loaded" pkg)
(should (featurep pkg))
(message "Unloading and removing package %s" pkg)
(el-get-remove (symbol-name pkg))
(message "Verifying package %s was unloaded and removed" pkg)
(should-not (file-exists-p pkg-destination)))
(delete-file pkg-source))))
;(featurep 'el-get-trivial-install-test)
;(unload-feature 'el-get-trivial-install-test)