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# hbase-cascalog
A very simple wrapper around cascading.hbase for use in cascalog.
## Usage
Using HBase as a sink is straightforward. Reading out of HBase as a source requires deserializing the bytes on the way back out. Helper functions are included under hbase.cascalog.ops
Like so at a repl (assuming hbase is running on localhost):
(use '[cascalog api playground])
(use '[hbase.cascalog core ops])
;; write to hbase as sink
(?<- (hbase-tap "age-table" "?person" "cf" "?age") [?person ?age] (age ?person ?age))
;; read from hbase as source
(let [age-table (hbase-tap "age-table" "?person" "cf" "?age")]
(?<- (stdout) [?p ?a] (age-table ?p ?age) (as-string ?age :> ?a)))
## License
Copyright (C) 2011 Soren Macbeth
Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.
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