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remove setting the scan options in the tap definitions

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1 parent 4b7f77e commit 9c0cd344304da3156af563dcce172e83a6e5ae1f @sorenmacbeth committed Nov 30, 2012
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  1. +4 −6 src/clj/hbase/cascalog/core.clj
10 src/clj/hbase/cascalog/core.clj
@@ -3,13 +3,11 @@
(:require [cascalog.workflow :as w])
(:import [cascading.hbase HBaseTap HBaseScheme HBaseDynamicScheme]))
-(defn hbase-tap [table-name scan-options key-field column-family & value-fields]
+(defn hbase-tap [table-name key-field column-family & value-fields]
(let [scheme (HBaseScheme. (w/fields key-field) column-family (w/fields value-fields))]
- (with-job-conf scan-options
- (HBaseTap. table-name scheme))))
+ (HBaseTap. table-name scheme)))
-(defn dynamic-hbase-tap [table-name scan-options key-field value-field & column-families]
+(defn dynamic-hbase-tap [table-name key-field value-field & column-families]
(let [scheme (HBaseDynamicScheme. (w/fields key-field) (w/fields value-field) (into-array String column-families))]
- (with-job-conf scan-options
- (HBaseTap. table-name scheme))))
+ (HBaseTap. table-name scheme)))

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