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v0.10.0 2019-03-26


  • [Braintree.HTTP] Support both access_token and public/private keys usage in configuration

v0.9.0 2018-06-18


  • [Braintree] Use system tuples as the default for application env
  • [Braintree] Add dialyxer and fix all typespecs. Typespecs are now validated during CI builds
  • [Braintree.HTTP] Expose 429 Too Many Requests error with an integer to status mapping
  • [Braintree.TestTransaction] The module is now available in all environments, not just test
  • [Braintree.Address] Support added for address features
  • [Braintree.MerchantAccounts] Support added for merchant account features
  • [Braintree.Search] Support for searching customers, credit cards and subscriptions
  • [Braintree.XML] Support collections when decoding XML responses


  • [Braintree] Elixir 1.5 is now the minimum supported version
  • [Braintree.Transaction] Replace :billing_details with the correctly named :billing

Bug Fixes

  • [Braintree.HTTP] Use Keyword.get_lazy to avoid exceptions when config keys used for requests aren't set.
  • [Braintree.HTTP] Add explicit handling for unprocessable_entity errors
  • [Braintree.HTTP] Always coerce the environment to an atom

v0.8.0 2017-08-24


  • [Braintree.ErrorResponse] Include full transaction details in the ErrorResponse struct. This displays the underlying reason a request failed, helping developers diagnose failing requests.
  • [Braintree.HTTP] Ability to optionally pass environment and API keys as options to all functions doing API calls. The default behaviour of reading from the global config is kept if those keys are not passed as arguments. Submitted by @manukall and @nicolasblanco


  • [Braintree.Construction] Use new/1 to build structs, rather than the unusual construct/1 function.

Bug Fixes

  • [Braintree.HTTP] Catch and return 400 Bad Request error tuples, rather than generating a case clause error.

v0.7.0 2016-09-20


  • [Braintree.ClientToken] Set the default client token version to 2.
  • [Braintree.Discount] Add support for discounts
  • [Braintree.AddOn] Add support for add-ons
  • [Braintree.SettlementBatchSummary] Add support for settlement reports
  • [Braintree.Subscription] Support updating with update/2
  • [Braintree.Subscription] Convert add-on and transaction lists to structs


  • [Braintree.XML] Strictly accept maps for generation, not keyword lists.

Bug Fixes

  • [Braintree.XML] Correctly handle decoding entities such as &, > and <.
  • [Braintree.XML] Fix encoding XML array values
  • [Braintree.XML] Add encoding of binaries

v0.6.0 2016-08-10


  • [Braintree.HTTP] Remove dependency on HTTPoison! Instead Hackney is used directly.
  • [Braintree.HTTP] Configuration options can be provided for Hackney via http_options.
  • [Braintree] Support {:system, VAR} for configs
  • [Braintree.XML] Support for parsing top level arrays. Some endpoints, notably plans, may return an array rather than an object
  • [Braintree.Plan] Added module and all/0 for retrieving billing plans
  • [Braintree.Customer] Enhanced with find/1
  • [Braintree.Subscription] Enhanced with cancel/1 and retry_charge/1

Bug Fixes

  • [Braintree.XML.Entity] XML entities are automatically encoded and decoded. This prevents errors when values contain quotes, ampersands, or other characters that must be escaped
  • [Braintree.Customer] Return a tagged error tuple for delete/1
  • [Braintree.Transaction] Use the correct paypal field for Transaction responses

v0.5.0 2016-06-13

  • Added: Paypal endpoints for use with the vault flow [TylerCain]
  • Added: Construct Paypal accounts from customer responses
  • Added: Support submit_for_settlement/2 to Transaction
  • Added: Typespec for the Transaction struct
  • Fixed: Typespec for the CreditCard struct
  • Fixed: Include xmerl in the list of applications to ensure that it is packaged with exrm releases.

v0.4.0 2016-04-20

  • Added: Available only during testing, TestTransaction, which can be used to transition transactions to different states.
  • Added: Add find, void, and refund on Transaction. [Tyler Cain]
  • Added: Add support for PaymentMethod, PaymentMethodNonce. [Tyler Cain]
  • Added: Basic support for subscription management, starting with create. [Ryan Bigg]

v0.3.2 2016-02-26

  • Fixed: Log unprocessable responses rather than inspecting them to STDOUT.
  • Fixed: Convert 404 and 401 responses to error tuples, they are common problems with misconfiguration.

v0.3.1 2016-02-18

  • Fixed: Lookup the certfile path at runtime rather than compile time. This fixes potential build errors when pre-building releases or packaging on platforms like Heroku.

v0.3.0 2016-02-17

  • Fixed: Raise helpful errors when missing required config
  • Added: Client token module for generating new client tokens [Taylor Briggs]

v0.2.0 2016-02-05

  • Added: Support for updating and deleting customers.
  • Added: A Nonces module for help testing transactions.
  • Changed: Include testing support Braintree.Testing.CreditCardNumbers as well as Braintree.Testing.Nonces in lib/testing, making it available in packaged releases.
  • Fixed: Trying to call XML.load on empty strings returns an empty map.
  • Removed: The __using__ macro has been removed from HTTP because the naming conflicted with delete actions. An equivalent macro will be introduced in the future.

v0.1.0 2016-02-03

  • Initial release with support for Customer.create and
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