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SAM Coupe for MIST Board


  • Fully functional SAM Coupe with precise CPU and Video timings.
  • Real CPU frequency for ZX mode and full speed (6MHz) for other modes.
  • Turbo up to 24MHz
  • 512KB of original internal memory.
  • Emulation for 4MB of extended memory.
  • Two disk drives.
  • Support for disk formats: EDSK, MGT, IMG.
  • Write support.
  • Original SAM joysticks (same as Sinclair 1 and 2).
  • Kempston joystick (useful for some ZX games).
  • SAA1099 sound chip.
  • SID MOS6581 sound chip.
  • Stereo SAM DAC on LPT1.
  • Mouse.

MiST firmware must be updated to release 2018-08-10 or later for correct OSD and disk functionality!


Copy the *.rbf file at the root of the SD card. You can rename the file to core.rbf if you want the MiST to load it automatically at startup. Copy samcoupe.rom file to the root of SD card.

For PAL mode (RGBS output) you need to put mist.ini file to the root of SD card. Set the option scandoubler_disable for desired video output.

Notes about supported formats:

MGT is simple sector dump of SAM disks. All disks have the same size 819200 (for 80 track disks).

IMG is the same as MGT but uses different layout. It's used on +D FDC add-on (ZX Spectrum).

EDSK is format for non-standard disks. Sizes up to 1024kb are supported. There is only basic support for EDSK format. If application has strong copy protection then it may not work.

MGT and EDSK formats may have common file extension - DSK. IMG format should use extension IMG for correct detection.

Other formats like SAD,SDF,TD0, etc. can be converted to one of supported format by SAMdisk utility.

Write feature isn't mature yet. Make backup of important disks before write to them.

Core provides autostart for newly inserted disk into drive 1. Autostart works only on startup screen with stripes. Press any key after restart before loading the disk if you don't want autostart.


Most PC keys are mapped to the same SAM Coupe keys. F1-F10 mapped to F1-F0, thus reduced keyboards like Logitech K400r can be used. Alt is mapped to Symbol shift. Left Shift is mapped to Shift, Right Shift doesn't map to SAM Coupe key but used as modifier for unfitted keys to represent original SAM Coupe keys. For example RShift + 6...0 prodice keys as written on PC keyboards. Suitable for other close to RShift PC keys. RShift+Ctrl switches to layout more suitable for ZX (where cursor keys are mapped to CAPS 5-8) although most SAM Coupe ZX emulators already provide good mapping and thus usually you don't need to switch layout.

  • F11 - NMI key
  • Ctrl-F11 - reset.
  • Alt-F11 - reset and unload disk images.
  • F12 - show OSD

Other info:

CPU Speed modes:

  • Normal - original SAM coupe 6MHz clock with wait states (full 6MHz while accessing extended RAM).
  • 6MHz - full 6MHz speed without wait states.
  • 9.6MHz, 12MHz, 24MHz - turbo modes.

ZX mode speed:

  • Emulated - original SAM Coupe ZX CPU emulation (through wait states).
  • Full - full SAM Coupe CPU clock.
  • Real - original ZX CPU clock (3.5MHz).

Note 1: Real mode is useful for ZX import where beeper used for sound. In emulation and full modes the sound is garbled in such games while real frequency provides clean sound. (Arkanoid 48k is a good example).

Note2: Emulated mode is true only for Normal CPU speed. For other CPU speeds this value equals to Full speed.

External RAM enables/disables support for additional 4MB of RAM. Disabling external RAM reduces startup time of some apps. Some apps can gain advantages if this option is enabled. Actual change of this option happens upon reset.

Download precompiled binaries and system ROMs:

Go to releases folder.


SAM Coupe for MiST board







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