Issue with Dynamically assign value to element attribute of bootstrap tour step. #558

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dhawalb commented Jun 21, 2016

// tour for Calendar page
var tour = new Tour({
duration: "5000",
backdrop: true,
smartPlacement: false,
backdropContainer: 'body',
backdropPadding: 0,
orphan: false,
autoscroll: true,
animation: true,
debug: true,
storage: false,
template: "

« Prev|Pause|Next »
End tour

steps: [
    element: "#AddNewGoal",
    title: "Create Goal",
    content: "Create new goal by click on this button",
    placement: 'left',
    onNext: function () {
    template: "<div class='popover tour'><div class='arrow'></div><h3 class='popover-title'></h3><div class='popover-content'></div><div class='popover-navigation'><button class='btn btn-sm btn-default btn-success' data-role='prev'>« Prev</button><span data-role='separator'>|</span><button class='btn btn-sm btn-default btn-warning' data-role='pause-resume' data-pause-text='Pause' data-resume-text='Resume'>Pause</button><span data-role='separator'>|</span><button class='btn btn-sm btn-default btn-success' data-role='next'>Next »</button></div></div>",  
    //step-1: Goal is created
    element: '#markCompleteGoalCalendarBT_' + $("#goalId").val(), // here #goalId is the hidden field on html document and i got this value in onShow method but "could not assign to element attribute"                      
    title: "Calendar",
    content: "New goal is created",
    placement: "top",        
    delay: 1500,
    onShow: function () {            
        alert("Hidden field value : " + $("#goalId").val());            


In above code i got the value of golaId. I need to assign this value to "element" attribute. please help me out this problem.

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