backdrop isn't working well with the new jQuery version #580

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d30DK commented Sep 28, 2016


The backdrop is working great when I'm using jQuery 3.1.0 but when I'm using jQuery 3.1.0 it's not working so well.
Instead of just being behind the element (white background), it's behind a lot of elements as well.
Like if the div with the white background is 100px X 100px, the backdrop with the new jQuery is like full page width (1000px) and 400px high for example.

Can somebody please help with this?

Thank you!


Hello Experts,
I am also facing the same issue. It works perfectly with jQuery v1.11.0 but not with jQuery v3.1.1.
Could someone please reply on this, its urgent.


d30DK commented Oct 6, 2016

I've already fixed it since I couldn't wait so long for solution.

Under line 350:

Just add this:

It worked for me :)


Thanks for the prompt reply @d30DK
I am using
I couldn't the code you mentioned above.
Could you please help again?

Thanks a lot!


Got it!
I checked latest code and I could find the mentioned code. It worked! Thanks a lot!

Could you please confirm if this fix and the following file can be used in Production?


d30DK commented Oct 6, 2016

Add it after line 359:
_this._showOverlayElement(step, true);


Thanks Again @d30DK ! You Rock!

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