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Provides functions to create, list, and extract archives.


  • archive creates an archive based on the provided archive name.
  • lsarchive lists the contents of one or more archives.
  • unarchive extracts the contents of one or more archives.

Supported Formats

The following archive formats are supported when the required utilities are installed:

  • .tar.gz, .tgz require tar (optionally pigz).
  • .tar.bz2, .tbz require tar (optionally pbzip2).
  • .tar.xz, .txz require tar with xz support.
  • .tar.zma, .tlz require tar with lzma support.
  • .tar requires tar.
  • .gz requires gunzip.
  • .bz2 requires bunzip2.
  • .xz requires unxz.
  • .lzma requires unlzma.
  • .Z requires uncompress.
  • .zip, .jar requires unzip.
  • .rar requires rar (needed for archive support), unrar or lsar and unar.
  • .7z requires 7za.
  • .deb requires ar, tar.

Additionally, if pigz and/or pbzip2 are installed, archive will use them over their traditional counterparts, gzip and bzip2 respectively, to take full advantage of all available CPU cores for compression.


Specifically on macOS, The Unarchiver provides a similar command line tool which doesn't depend on a number of other programs being installed.


The authors of this module should be contacted via the issue tracker.

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