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Provides utility functions for Node.js, loads the Node Version Manager, and enables npm completion.


nvm allows for managing multiple, isolated Node.js installations in the home directory.


nodenv does one thing well. nodenv is concerned solely with switching Node versions. It's simple and predictable, Just Works, and is rock solid in production. nodenv is forked from the popular rbenv.


  • node-doc opens the Node.js online API documentation in the default browser.
  • node-info exposes information about the Node.js environment via the $node_info associative array.


To display the version number of the current Node.js version, define the following style inside the prompt_name_setup function.

# %v - Node.js version.
zstyle ':prezto:module:node:info:version' format 'version:%v'

Then add $node_info[version] to either $PROMPT or $RPROMPT and call node-info in prompt_name_preexec hook function.


The authors of this module should be contacted via the issue tracker.