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How do you use the terminal auto-title feature? #401

sorin-ionescu opened this Issue Mar 3, 2013 · 7 comments

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Lately, I have been toying with the terminal auto-title feature since I am not happy with it.

For, setting the window and tab titles to the current process name is not necessary because it sets the tab title by default. It can also set the window title if it is enabled in Preferences; it is enabled by default.

Furthermore, the window and tab titles also need not be set to the current working directory since has special support, set separately, which allows the user to open Finder windows.

In the case of terminal multiplexers, such as screen, tmux, and dvtm, auto-titling becomes complicated.

Since no multiplexer transmits the escape code to the parent terminal, the current working directory should be erased before starting a terminal multiplexer, for it goes out of sync causing confusion.

For screen and tmux, auto-title will override window titles set by the user in screenrc and tmux.conf. This feature becomes more troubling for tmux windows with split panes. The window title will be set based on the last command run in a pane, which is not representative of all panes. So, auto-title, doesn't help the user distinguishing between windows causing confusion.

For dvtm, auto-titling split windows with the current process name is useful since there is no configuration file where the user can create profiles and title windows. can show the current process name in both the window and tab titles by enabling it in Preferences. It cannot show the current working directory; auto-title is partially useful for iTerm users who need to know the current working directory outside of the prompt.

The information above about terminal multiplexers inside of also applies to terminal multiplexers inside of

I do not remember how KDE and Gnome terminal emulators behave.

The auto-title feature should be more flexible. It should allow the user to set the environments where the feature is enabled or disabled.

How do you use auto-title?


Is there any case where auto-title is useful while using tmux or other multiplexer?


@fuadsaud, it is whenever you don't want to name your Windows. When you do, it can be annoying.

This issue was opened in relation to #362 and #384. I closed it since no one answered it in 6 months.


I want to have in my tmux windows the title of each zsh, be it a working directory or a command name. How can I enable that?


Can I force to enable it?


I thought I'd post this here for discoverability.

I overcame this limitation by using a native title feature in tmux (disabled by default):
set-titles [on|off] and set-titles-string <FORMAT>

In my case, I have a dedicated tmux session for irssi and I would like to manipulate the window via the WM, for which I need a title. It also helps with the window switcher (rofi). This seems to work nicely with the zsh terminal module's autotitiling.

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