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DNF first support #407

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FireWave Sorin Ionescu Lucy

Just a copycat of yum module to dnf module. Mainly usefull for Fedora 19

Sorin Ionescu

Is DNF popular?


Not yet but it will become very quickly. Now, it's an alternate to yum on Fedora18 (official release). But it will be by default on Fedora 19, which will be release by the end of april. RedHatEL will be the next. DNF is forked and part-recoded of yum.
Sorry I know it's a lazy patch!

Sorin Ionescu

Do they suffer from the not-invented-here syndrome?



Retro-compatibility and great dep resolution. But ya, kind of not-invented-here syndrome

Sorin Ionescu

Will other RPM-based yum distributions switch to DNF as well?

Sorin Ionescu

Perhaps one RPM module is better than a bunch of modules that all deal with RPM packages?

Sorin Ionescu

I have read an article on Phoronix that says that dnf will be renamed to yum, and it will be the new yum version; so, this module might not be necessary.

Sorin Ionescu

I have also read that dnf stands for nothing, and it will be renamed to something other than yum. Anyway, dnf won't be adopted until Fedora 22; so, I'll be rejecting this pull request for now.

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Commits on Mar 28, 2013
  1. FireWave

    DNF modules (s/yum/dnf/g)

    firewavemtl authored
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  1. +29 −0 modules/dnf/
  2. +28 −0 modules/dnf/init.zsh
29 modules/dnf/
@@ -0,0 +1,29 @@
+Defines [dnf][1] aliases.
+ - `dnfc` removes package(s) and leaves.
+ - `dnfi` installs package(s).
+ - `dnfh` displays history.
+ - `dnfl` lists packages.
+ - `dnfL` lists installed packages.
+ - `dnfq` displays package information.
+ - `dnfr` removes package(s).
+ - `dnfs` searches for a package.
+ - `dnfu` updates packages.
+ - `dnfU` upgrates packages.
+*The authors of this module should be contacted via the [issue tracker][2].*
+ - [Sorin Ionescu](
28 modules/dnf/init.zsh
@@ -0,0 +1,28 @@
+# Defines dnf aliases.
+# Authors:
+# FireWave <>
+# Sorin Ionescu <>
+# Return if requirements are not found.
+if (( ! $+commands[dnf] )); then
+ return 1
+# Aliases
+alias dnfc='sudo dnf clean all' # Cleans the cache.
+alias dnfh='dnf history' # Displays history.
+alias dnfi='sudo dnf install' # Installs package(s).
+alias dnfl='dnf list' # Lists packages.
+alias dnfL='dnf list installed' # Lists installed packages.
+alias dnfq='dnf info' # Displays package information.
+alias dnfr='sudo dnf remove' # Removes package(s).
+alias dnfs='dnf search' # Searches for a package.
+alias dnfu='sudo dnf update' # Updates packages.
+alias dnfU='sudo dnf upgrade' # Upgrades packages.
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