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Sets history options and defines history aliases.


  • HISTFILE stores the path to the history file.
  • HISTSIZE stores the maximum number of events to save in the internal history.
  • SAVEHIST stores the maximum number of events to save in the history file.


  • BANG_HIST treats the ! character specially during expansion.
  • EXTENDED_HISTORY writes the history file in the :start:elapsed;command format.
  • INC_APPEND_HISTORY writes to the history file immediately, not when the shell exits.
  • SHARE_HISTORY shares history between all sessions.
  • HIST_EXPIRE_DUPS_FIRST expires a duplicate event first when trimming history.
  • HIST_IGNORE_DUPS does not record an event that was just recorded again.
  • HIST_IGNORE_ALL_DUPS deletes an old recorded event if a new event is a duplicate.
  • HIST_FIND_NO_DUPS does not display a previously found event.
  • HIST_IGNORE_SPACE does not record an event starting with a space.
  • HIST_SAVE_NO_DUPS does not write a duplicate event to the history file.
  • HIST_VERIFY does not execute immediately upon history expansion.
  • HIST_BEEP beeps when accessing non-existent history.


  • history-stat lists the ten most used commands


The authors of this module should be contacted via the issue tracker.