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Load 'HOMEBREW_' prefixed variables only. Avoid loading 'PATH'
related variables as they are already handled in standard zsh 
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Defines Homebrew specific environment variables and aliases.


Execute the following to list the environment variables loaded in the shell:

brew shellenv



  • brewc cleans outdated brews and their cached archives.
  • brewC cleans outdated brews, including keg-only, and their cached archives.
  • brewi installs a formula.
  • brewl lists installed formulae.
  • brewo lists brews which have an update available.
  • brews searches for a formula.
  • brewu updates and upgrades Homebrew packages and formulae.
  • brewx uninstalls a formula.

Homebrew Cask

  • cask is aliased to brew cask.
  • caski installs a cask.
  • caskl lists installed casks.
  • casko lists casks which have an update available.
  • caskx uninstalls a cask.


The authors of this module should be contacted via the issue tracker.