Syntax Highlighting

Integrates zsh-syntax-highlighting into Prezto.

This module should be loaded second to last, where last is the prompt module, unless used in conjuncture with the history-substring-search module where it must be loaded before it.


New features and bug fixes should be submitted to the zsh-syntax-highlighting project according to its rules and regulations. This module will be synchronized against it.



To enable highlighting for this module only, add the following line to zpreztorc:

zstyle ':prezto:module:syntax-highlighting' color 'yes'


Syntax highlighting is accomplished by pluggable highlighters. This module only enables the main highlighter by default.

To enable all highlighters, add the following to zpreztorc:

zstyle ':prezto:module:syntax-highlighting' highlighters \
  'main' \
  'brackets' \
  'pattern' \
  'cursor' \

Highlighting Styles

Each syntax highlighter defines styles used to highlight tokens.

To highlight, for example, builtins, commands, and functions in blue instead of green, add the following to zpreztorc:

zstyle ':prezto:module:syntax-highlighting' styles \
  'builtin' 'bg=blue' \
  'command' 'bg=blue' \
  'function' 'bg=blue'


The authors of this module should be contacted via the issue tracker.