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This repository is a selection of the scripts, programs, and dot files I store in ~/.tilde. Some were written by me while others were downloaded off the Internet and written by others. Be aware that I use Mac OS X and some scripts are Mac OS X only. Big binaries were omitted due to size.

Executable Description
asupdate Check iPhone App Store for updates.
bundlerb Bundle ruby code into a single file.
compleat Generates BASH and ZSH completions from easy syntax.
decodeimg Decodes the img3 file format.
dnstime Benchmarks various DNS services with Alexa top domains.
extract-ipsw Extract iOS firmwares.
fortunenotify Sends fortunes to Growl via growlnotify.
fplay Find music file and play them.
install-safari-beta Instals Safari 4 beta.
ip Print LAN/WAN IP address.
ipng2png Convert iPhone PNGs to regular PNGs.
localhost-alias Manage aliases to localhost (useful for web development).
mkrcbundle Makes iPhone carrier bundles readable.
mkscript Generates an executable script with shebang.
pianobar-add-playlist Open playlist URL in Pianobar.
pianobar-remote Control Pianobar without launching it.
pkg-list-missing Crawls the Mac package database and lists missing files.
pkgls List installed files by a Mac package.
pkgrm Uninstalls a mac package. CAUTION: Can break system.
pylsmodule Describes classes, methods and functions in a Python module.
safari-reload Reload front Safari tab.
t Simple to do list by sjl.
tgrep Grep tar archives.
vfdecrypt Decrypts FileVault-encrypted images.
xcode-sort-project Sorts files in an Xcode project.