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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Use the ``mockups`` command like this:: mockups [options] app.Model:# [app.Model:# ...]
Its nearly self explanatory. Supply names of models, prefixed with their app
name. After that, place a colon and tell the command how many objects you want
to create. Here is an example of how to create three categories and twenty
entries for you blogging app:: mockups blog.Category:3 blog.Entry:20
Voila! You have ready to use testing data populated to your database. The
model fields are filled with data by producing randomly generated values
depending on the type of the field. E.g. text fields are filled with lorem
ipsum dummies, date fields are populated with random dates from the last
years etc.
There are a few command line options available. Mainly to control the
behavior of related fields. If foreingkey or many to many fields should be
populated with existing data or if the related models are also generated on
the fly. Please have a look at the help page of the command for more
information:: help mockups
from import BaseCommand, CommandError
from django.db import models
from django.db.transaction import commit_on_success
from django.utils.importlib import import_module
from ..mockups import create, signals, autodiscover
from optparse import make_option
class Command(BaseCommand):
help = (
u'Create random model instances for testing purposes.'
args = 'app.Model:# [app.Model:# ...]'
option_list = BaseCommand.option_list + (
make_option('--no-follow-fk', action='store_true', dest='no_follow_fk',
default=None, help=
u'Ignore foreignkeys while creating model instances.'),
make_option('--generate-fk', action='store', dest='generate_fk',
default=None, help=
u'Do not use already existing instances for ForeignKey '
u'relations. Create new instances instead. You can specify a '
u'comma sperated list of field names or ALL to indicate that '
u'all foreignkeys should be generated automatically.'),
make_option('--no-follow-m2m', action='store_true',
dest='no_follow_m2m', default=None, help=
u'Ignore many to many fields while creating model '
make_option('--follow-m2m', action='store', dest='follow_m2m',
default=None, help=
u'Specify minimum and maximum number of instances that are '
u'assigned to a m2m relation. Use two, colon separated '
u'numbers in the form of: min,max. Default is 1,5.\n'
u'You can limit following of many to many relations to '
u'specific fields using the following format:\n'
u'field1:min:max,field2:min:max ...'),
make_option('--generate-m2m', action='store', dest='generate_m2m',
default=None, help=
u'Specify minimum and maximum number of instances that are '
u'newly created and assigned to a m2m relation. Use two, '
u'colon separated numbers in the form of: min:max. Default is '
u'to not generate many to many related models automatically. '
u'You can select specific of many to many fields which are '
u'automatically generated. Use the following format:\n'
u'field1:min:max,field2:min:max ...'),
make_option('-u', '--use', action='store', dest='use',
default='', help=
u'Specify a mockup subclass that is used to create the '
u'test data. E.g. myapp.mockup.MyMockup'),
def format_output(self, obj):
output = unicode(obj)
if len(output) > 50:
output = u'%s ...' % output[:50]
return output
def print_instance(self, sender, model, instance, **kwargs):
if self.verbosity < 1:
print '%s(pk=%s): %s' % (
'%s.%s' % (
if self.verbosity < 2:
for field in instance._meta.fields:
if isinstance(field, models.ForeignKey):
obj = getattr(instance,
if isinstance(obj, models.Model):
print '| %s (pk=%s): %s' % (,,
for field in instance._meta.many_to_many:
qs = getattr(instance,
if qs.count():
print '| %s (count=%d):' % (,
for obj in qs:
print '| | (pk=%s): %s' % (,
def handle(self, *attrs, **options):
from django.db.models import get_model
error_option = None
# follow options
if options['no_follow_fk'] is None:
follow_fk = None
follow_fk = False
if options['no_follow_m2m'] is None:
follow_m2m = None
# this is the only chance for the follow_m2m options to be parsed
if options['follow_m2m']:
value = options['follow_m2m'].split(',')
if len(value) == 1 and value[0].count(':') == 1:
follow_m2m = [int(i) for i in value[0].split(':')]
follow_m2m = {}
for field in value:
key, minval, maxval = field.split(':')
follow_m2m[key] = int(minval), int(maxval)
except ValueError:
error_option = '--follow-m2m=%s' % options['follow_m2m']
follow_m2m = False
# generation options
if options['generate_fk'] is None:
generate_fk = None
generate_fk = options['generate_fk'].split(',')
generate_m2m = None
if options['generate_m2m']:
value = [v for v in options['generate_m2m'].split(',') if v]
if len(value) == 1 and value[0].count(':') == 1:
generate_m2m = [int(i) for i in value[0].split(':')]
generate_m2m = {}
for field in value:
key, minval, maxval = field.split(':')
generate_m2m[key] = int(minval), int(maxval)
except ValueError:
error_option = '--generate-m2m=%s' % options['generate_m2m']
if error_option:
raise CommandError(
u'Invalid option %s\n'
u'Expected: %s=field:min:max,field2:min:max... (min and max must be numbers)' % (
error_option.split('=', 1)[0]))
use = options['use']
if use:
use = use.split('.')
use = getattr(import_module('.'.join(use[:-1])), use[-1])
self.verbosity = int(options['verbosity'])
models = []
for attr in attrs:
app_label, model_label = attr.split('.')
model_label, count = model_label.split(':')
count = int(count)
except ValueError:
raise CommandError(
u'Invalid argument: %s\n'
u'Expected: app_label.ModelName:count '
u'(count must be a number)' % (
model = get_model(app_label, model_label)
if not model:
raise CommandError(
u'Unknown model: %s.%s' % (app_label, model_label))
models.append((model, count))
kwargs = {
'follow_fk': follow_fk,
'generate_fk': generate_fk,
'follow_m2m': follow_m2m,
'generate_m2m': generate_m2m,
for model, count in models:
if use:
mockup = use(model, **kwargs)
create(model, count, **kwargs)
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