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Download and install with pip or easy_install

You can install the django-mockups like any other python package. The prefered way is to use pip. Please run the following command in your terminal:

pip install django-mockups

This will install the package in your system wide python installation.

You can fall back to the :command:`easy_install` command if :command:`pip` is not available on your system:

easy_install django-mockups


In most cases you need admin previlegies to install a package into your system. You can get these previlegies by prefixing the commands above with sudo.

Add mockups to your django project

Usually you want to add mockups to your INSTALLED_APPS in the settings file of your django project. This will make the :ref:`mockups <mockups>` management command available to your use.

Using the development version

You can ofcourse also install and use the current development version. All you need is to have the git and setuptools installed.

Now get the repository from github and run:

git clone git://

This will download the project into your local directory. :command:`cd` to the django-mockups directory and run:

python install

Now follow the instructions under :ref:`INSTALLED_APPS` and everything will be in place to use django-mockups.