My (Mac)Vim Config. Good starting point that includes the most useful plugins.
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Simple but good starting configuration for Vim

I prefer to map ctrl+space to ESC to make it faster to exit insert mode and allow you to keep the hands on home row. If you don't like this, remove the line imap from .vimrc

The font is set to Inconsolata. Unless you have installed this font, you won't have it and will need to remove the line set guifont=Inconsolata:h14. It is a very nice coding font however and I heartily recommend it.

If you don't like the relative line numbering, remove this line set rnu. It makes things like x-dd much more useful though, as you don't have to count the lines you want to delete.

If you want to have a menubar, remove the following lines from .vimrc

if has("gui_running")
    set guioptions=-m
    set guioptions=-T

Included plugins

  • matchit - extend matching via %
  • surround - easy and versatile surrounding of expressions
  • repeat - repeat more commands with '.'
  • yankring - emulates Emacs' killring.
  • command-t - similar to Textmates command-t and fuzzysearch.
  • fugitive - very good Git wrapper.
  • delimitmate - autopairing for delimiters like "(".
  • NERDTree - file browser.
  • kwdb - close buffer while keeping window open (command is :Kwdb)
  • snipmate - Texmate like snippets for Vim.
  • supertab - great tab completion.
  • tcomment - smart file type dependent comments.
  • ack - ack (better grep replacement) support
  • latex - LaTeX support.

Most of these are included as git submodules and they're all managed by pathogen, so updating, removal and addition of plugins is easy.


To install, simply clone this repository to ~/.vim and then link the .vimrc to your home directory via

ln -s ~/.vim/.vimrc ~/.vimrc

You might also have to do a

rake make

in bundle/command-t. For this you will need a working C compiler and a relatively recent version of Ruby.