Function to refresh all materialized views in a PostgreSQL 9.3/9.4 database
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Function to refresh all materialized views in a PostgreSQL 9.4 database (for PostgreSQL 9.3 use release v1.0 that does not rely on concurrent materialized view updates).

PostgreSQL 9.4 supports materialized views but does not have a functionality to refresh the views except for issuing refresh command for each view individually. After asking on stackoverflow and not finding solution ( I decided to write my own function.


To refresh views in public schema:

select RefreshAllMaterializedViews();
select RefreshAllMaterializedViewsConcurrently();

To refresh views in other schema:

select RefreshAllMaterializedViews('my_schema');
select RefreshAllMaterializedViewsConcurrently('my_schema');

Note: If you created the materialized view WITH NO DATA you have'll have to first populate the Materialized Views with RefreshAllMaterializedViews() before you can use the concurrent version.