Million-scale code analysis and modification toolkit for Java
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A tooling framework for analyzing and modifying large codebases automatically.

Proved on 2 million lines of code.

Supports Java 6/7/8 (Modification on Java 8 code is not fully tested).


Requirement: JDK 8

Build: gradle shadowJar

Run: java -jar build/libs/exia-2.0-all.jar [solver-name] [paths-being-scanned...]

For example: java -jar build/libs/exia-2.0-all.jar UnusedImportDeletor /home/sorra/projects/

To learn how to write your own tool, see examples in the package com.iostate.exia.solvers about how to:

  1. Remove unused imports
  2. Detect the places you have forgotten to write logger.isDebugEnabled()
  3. Fix the places you have forgotten to write logger.isDebugEnabled()
  4. Fix the misuse of logger.error(...) API
  5. Fix the wrong logger name mismatching its enclosing class

There are two extension points: FileFilter & AstFunction. Implement them and call FileWalker to run your own operations.
(The default FileFilter is com.iostate.exia.api.JavaSourceFileFilter)

The package com.iostate.exia.ast provides convenient AST utilities.

What's new in 2.0?

  • Implemented in Java 8.
  • Upgraded JDT library to 3.12.3 in maven central.
  • Changed the build tool to Gradle.
  • Single-threaded (fast enough, why not make it easy to debug?)
  • Better API.
  • More useful examples.
  • Will add intelligence.